• Image of AD-S10 body mount kit

These are made to order. Works with 47-55.1 Chevy AD trucks to S10 LWB trucks. Right now I'm a couple weeks out typically do to the current launch. This kit doesn't include frame, motor mounts, trans xmember. You will need your bumper brackets and core support. Both get slight modifications. This kit is fully adjustable 2-6" off frame increments, bolts on. Comes with bushings and washers, some hardware. I have a list of hardware you will need. I don't want to charge you for hardware then have you pay to ship it, when you can support your local store and or may already have it. Brackets come bolted to their parent anchors at a 4" off frame height. Very common off frame height. I have instructions I can send through email or FB etc. Should have a video up very soon explaining the kit.

Payments are made to info@directioneast.com
Contact with any question info@coffeeandcustoms.com

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